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About AgPreference


As a member of the nation-wide Farm Credit System, AgPreference, ACA, has provided mortgage financing to farmers and ranchers in Southwest Oklahoma since 1917. And, since 1934 all other types of agricultural needs, creating one of the strongest financial institutions in the area. Our Association's logo represents two emerging blossoms that form a single star, which signifies part of our mission to finance rural America.  AgPreference corporate headquarters are located at 3120 North Main, Altus, Oklahoma, 73521. Click here to contact us. Some highlights of our business model:


AgPreference provides responsive, innovative credit and financially-related services directly to farmers, ranchers, rural home residents, and agri-businesses, and also, through partnerships with other rural lenders, to their qualifying customer base.

Corporate Values

In achieving our mission, we will adhere to these four core values:

  • Client Focus-Do what it takes to keep good clients and find others;
  • Integrity & Trust- Promote trust and do what we say we will do;
  • Practicality- Do what works; and
  • Innovation-Do what works better.


We see ourselves as an aggressive direct lender, marketing AgPreference as the preferred source for rural financing in Southwest Oklahoma, and elsewhere in partnership with other rural lenders.

The essence of our business is lending. We maintain the highest level of service in our contacts with customers and prospective customers. The critical skills needed for mission accomplishment are lending skills, collection skills, business development skills, and technology skills. We learn what the customer needs and then we fill that need. A sound, profitable, professionally run business is our hallmark.

Our organization will continue to be staffed by well-trained and dedicated employees. We see highly professional and dedicated human resources as an essential component of our vision.

We see strong emphasis on lending to young, beginning and small operators as important to the future of our business.

Our organization will provide and market financially related services that included credit life insurance, appraisals for fee, and financially related consulting.


The AgPreference Audit Committee is comprised of three directors, as determined by the Board. The Audit Committee Charter establishes specific responsibilities and authorities for the committee.

Notice To Potential AgPreference Customers

AgPreference does not administer credit on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, or age, or because income is from public assistance, or because a right was exercised under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. AgPreference Chartered Territory includes the Oklahoma Counties of Cotton, Greer, Harmon, Kiowa, Jackson and Tillman.